6 ways to breathe cleaner at home

Whether your concerns are pollen and allergens, general indoor air quality, or just a little cleaner breathing, consider these tips for cleaning the air.

1. Install HVAC upgrades

Ultraviolet lights, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and filters all offer different ways to remove allergens and impurities from your air. These come at a steep cost, so talk to an HVAC expert about what’s best for you.

2. Change your habits

You can dramatically reduce dust and allergens just by changing your habits. For example, make it a habit to take off your shoes when entering the house. Vacuum your carpet frequently to keep mites in the air. Clean your sheets and pillows once a week.

3. Add houseplants

Any type of plant naturally cleans the air at all times as it exchanges oxygen for carbon dioxide. Spider plants, aloes, and rubber plants are low maintenance and absorb many impurities from the air.

4. Keep your closet clean

Closets are essentially dust factories. Clothes and towels are constantly shedding tiny fibers that collect on the floor and spread throughout the house. Also, closets are usually not cleaned as thoroughly as the rest of the house. Vacuum and clean your closet once a week.

5. Clean your rugs the old-fashioned way

Vacuums can pick up most of the dust from a carpet, but they don’t get all of it. The old-fashioned ways are the best! Take out the rugs and hang them on a clothesline, fence, or other sturdy object. Then use a stick or broom to thoroughly beat your rugs.

6. Minimize the use of artificial deodorants and cleaning products

Synthetic chemicals can get into the air in your home and stay there for some time. You can’t completely eliminate these items from your daily life, but do what you can to replace them with natural alternatives.

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