A sharp data battle between Honey Shaker and Nakuip Saviris … by festival singers!

Egyptian Musicians’ Union captain Honey Shaker responded to statements by businessman Nakuib Saviris, in which he criticized the old decision to ban so-called “festival songs” from working in Egypt.

Seker said: “Saviris has the freedom to do or to listen, which is his personal business, but it is the responsibility of the music industry union to enforce its laws on anyone who wishes to continue singing.”

The so-called Arab singer prince, Shaker, “wondered why some people were angry with the application of this law and called on all those working in the field to respect it, saying that imposing it on workers industry that elevates the public’s taste for it to obtain the necessary permits or enforce the rules would not destroy it. Noted.

The crisis between Shaker and Saviris began with a tweet on his Twitter account, in which he declared: “I see for the first time the captain of the singers (I see) very proud to be banned from singing. Who is not (and is not) the captain. Do not ask) ”marks the end of the Music Trades Union prohibiting festival singers from singing. Egypt.

Saviris called the union’s decision flawed.

However, the Music Industries Union issued a “strong words” statement titled “Commentary on Brother Nakuib Saviris and Clarification from the Music Industries Union”.

The statement went on to say that “Sky News Arabia” is a union of music industries, you know or not a union of singers, so it should be clarified that these (festival singers) are not members. Should. “

The statement went on to say: “The Union of Music Industries was established by Law 35 of 1978 and has terms and obligations towards its members, the most important of which is a commitment to conduct contrary to values ​​and to ethics. “

Union “Its role is to regulate what happens in the song scene, not to prevent it, if the (singer) is a member or authorized by law.”

Syndicate then told Nakuib Saviris: “You specifically ask for them, it is your right, but do not impose them on the public without the rules and regulations governing the profession of singer.”

Seker continued, “Brother Nakuib, union money is public money and wasting public money is a waste of public money. Five years ago, the Sawiris family and the sea were held annually in the tourist town of El Gouna.

Xavier did not remain silent on Shaker’s response, but instead tweeted to criticize the report on the attack on him by the Musical Professions Union, in order to continue the verbal war between the two sides.

Saviris said, “As you say a musicians association, if their money and their money (their affiliation) are singers, God willing, I will bring them (I will bring them) to the El Gauna festival. “

It is worth noting that the Union of Music Industries in Egypt released a decision on Wednesday to prevent 19 festival singers from working in the future and to withdraw the annual permission to sing.

Among the most important names included in the decision to ban singing are Hamo Becca, Hassan Shahoush, Magdi Shada and many more.

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