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The Rock Hill Aldermen Council recently asked a resident to change their beekeeping practices to avoid stinging criticism from neighbors.

At its July 6 meeting, council decided that a beehive at 1105 Gilbert Avenue should be moved to another part of the yard so that the beehive opening was pointed away from neighbors. The move follows a council meeting in June in which some neighbors complained about bees. A police sergeant confirmed the complaints.

Joe Bruns, who lives at 1103 Gilbert Avenue, complained that bees are swarming and that three members of his family have been stung this year. Three of her grandchildren are allergic to bee stings, and Bruns has called on the board to demand better regulations for keeping bees.

Christine Cuba, who shares a back property line with the beekeeper, said she has grandchildren who are afraid of bees. Bruns and Cuba have both requested that the beehive be removed.

John Benner, the son of the beehive owner who originally purchased the bees, said he had moved the bees at the Bruns’ request and would be ready to move them again.

At the meeting, he distributed photos of neighbors using their backyards, including a social media post showing a camp with the Bruns’ grandchildren. He also provided a statement from a horticulturist at the Missouri Botanical Garden that the bees will be there without beehives.

Benner, who does not live on Gilbert, said his family takes care of the bees without a bee suit and their child does not get stung. He presented notes from a few neighbors who love bees and don’t care about the beehive.

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