Beginning of beekeeping training in the capital

beekeeping training has started in the capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has started beekeeping training in order to bring healthy and high quality honey to consumers in Ankara by eliminating the problems faced by beekeepers in Başkent.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has launched beekeeping training to bring healthy and quality honey to Ankara consumers by eliminating the problems faced by beekeepers in Başkent. Beekeeping under contract will be carried out with bee producers participating in theoretical and practical courses which will continue until July 28 at the “Academy of beekeeping”. With training provided by experts, it also aims to promote the Capital Honey brand.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has added news to its rural development initiatives in order to present the capital’s agricultural values ​​to the world.

The Department of Rural Services established the “Academy of Beekeeping” in Başkent to refresh the knowledge of bee producers and provide healthy and quality honey to consumers. Classes started at the Academy of Beekeeping, which was established with the cooperation of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ankara University and the Ankara Beekeepers Association.

The training will continue until July 28.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has opened the Academy of Beekeeping to eliminate production and marketing problems faced by beekeepers and to lay the foundation for contract beekeeping in the capital, and classes will continue until ‘to July 28.

In addition to contributing to the development and promotion of the beekeeping profession in Başkent with the teaching of beekeeping, it also aims to increase the production of high added value products such as royal jelly, pollen and propolis with Başkent honey.

Capital honey brand will be paved, contract beekeeping will begin

Emphasizing that they have made the decision to mark Capital Honey with the Beekeeping Academy, the Head of the Rural Services Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, Ahmet Mekin Tüzün, shared the following information on theoretical and practical beekeeping training:

“Our training programs will last 2 days, 1 theoretical day and 1 practical day, and will be implemented in 5 coordination centers that we have chosen. We will continue the training we started in Beypazarı in the apiary we established in the training farm of the veterinary faculty of Ankara University in Kahramankazan district. We have started our work with the Association of Beekeepers and the Veterinary Faculty of Ankara University to eliminate the problems faced by beekeepers in marketing and deliver healthy honey. The products obtained will be sold in the markets after having been subjected to laboratory analyzes.

Tüzün also said that they are in the process of preparing a protocol with a university and announced that they will begin studies on the method of treatment with bee products called apitherapy in traditional and complementary medicine.

Expressing that Turkey is a country with a wide variety of vegetation and land very suitable for beekeeping, the Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Ankara University, Prof. Dr. Ender Yarsan also made the following assessments:

“We have signed a protocol with the metropolitan municipality and the association of Turkish beekeepers. The education process started in Beypazarı. We will continue this training in other districts from now on. We have also created a beekeeping unit in our training farm, and we will continue our work there.

The president of the Ankara Beekeepers Association, Selçuk Solmaz, who attended the first of his theoretical training, drew attention to the importance of teaching beekeeping in the capital with the following words :

“Ankara beekeepers needed serious training. Our beekeepers will now focus on production. They were hesitant about how to sell the products they had made before. Our market problem is also solved. More importantly, we had issues with how to provide inputs. I would like to thank Mr Mansur Yavaş. This study will provide the following to our city. Beekeepers will not only produce honey. Pollination will increase more and it will become greener in Ankara. With this common protocol, the producer, the farmer, the city and our country will both win.

Beekeepers show great interest in training

Beekeepers show great interest in the theoretical and practical training provided in Beypazarı, accompanied by expert trainers.

Training on bee life and biology, colony care and management, queen bee production, queen bee production planning, beehive product production is provided in a practical way, while that training on the contract beekeeping project and planning for the implementation of contract beekeeping in Ankara are provided in theory. Agronomist Alim Tutar, who provided the applied and theoretical training in Beypazarı, said: “Our aim is to enable our beekeepers to do their work in a more professional way.

Beekeepers participating in the training project initiated by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality to increase rural development explained that they had both strengthened their knowledge and learned new information:

Alparslan Selected by: “Beekeeping was my dream. I have worked abroad, especially in Germany, as an assistant in this sector, and I have done so regularly for 3 years. It is good practice to inform beekeepers as they do not know where to send their products, how to evaluate them and how to sell them. I would like to thank the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş, for his support. ”

Just Fatih Caglar: “I am an Agronomist Engineer, I have been practicing beekeeping for 3 years. Ankara honey is very delicious and precious, but it did not receive the necessary attention because it was not marked. I would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş who provided such training for Ankara Honey Branding.

Metin Eroglu: “I have been practicing beekeeping in Ankara for 20 years. Today we have added new information to what we knew before and it has been very useful to us.

Abidin Boztepe: “I work in the beekeeping sector. I follow the rural development projects of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality closely.

Umit Karaaslan: “I took practical and theoretical training given by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for beekeepers. It has been very helpful to me and that way we will do our job in a more professional way. ”

Ahmet Kapullu: “I have been practicing beekeeping in Ankara for 30 years. Knowledge is something that people always need. I have come here to add new information to my knowledge, it has been very helpful to us. ”

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