BEN Group and 605 join forces to measure the impact of product placements on viewer behavior through linear television

SHERMAN OAKS, CA, & NEW YORK – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –BEN Group, the entertainment AI company that integrates brands into influencer, streaming, TV, music and film content, and 605, a leading television measurement and analytics company, today announced the findings of its partnership.

The partnership, formed in July 2020, allows BEN to leverage audience data from 605 for linear TV programming, enabling brands to better understand the impact and return on investment of product placement spend. 605 PLATF0RM®, a web application, matches deterministic data from its audience panel of over 22 million households with household-level data from third-party vendors to measure increased sales across sales channels retail, in-store foot traffic, or website visits that arise directly from product placements, providing information to BEN to be implemented on behalf of its customers.

The BEN and 605 partnership has proven to be effective for a portfolio of General Mills brands:

  • Old El Paso, a well-known brand of TexMex-style food products, has incorporated its products into the Lifetime holiday movie, “Rediscovering Christmas” and one of Food Network’s top cooking shows, “Rachael Ray.” BEN and 605 measured the increase in sales for both integrations, focusing on the brand’s target audiences. The results showed that:

    • There was a double-digit sales increase for all exposed audiences

    • Old El Paso saw a double-digit increase in sales among audiences aged 18-34 who were exposed to the Rediscover Christmas integration

    • Old El Paso saw an incredible double-digit increase in sales among audiences over $ 50,000 from households with more than 1 child (ren) who were exposed to Rachael Ray integration

  • General Mills’ iconic cereal brand, Honey Nut Cheerios, featured its products on the CBS show, “Mom.” BEN and 605 sought to understand the impact of integration on viewers in their target demographic. The study found that:

    • For all exposed viewers, there was a double-digit increase in sales over unexposed audiences

    • Sales increased by double digits for exposed viewers aged 18 to 34 and in exposed households with incomes of $ 50,000 and over and 1 or more children aged 0 to 18

“Our partnership with BEN has allowed us to uncover a new layer of knowledge about the effectiveness of product placement, ”said Kristin Dolan, Founder and CEO of 605.“This is a significant achievement: We are able to provide granular metrics on a number of KPIs, including changes in sales, web traffic, and even point-of-sale visits. We look forward to continuing to work with BEN to show the value and impact of product placements on TV.

Through its partnership with 605, BEN has been able to provide its customers with complete funnel measurement solutions, a first for the product placement industry. In addition to its work on attribution reporting with 605, BEN offers its clients the ability to secure data for integration into media mix models and has conducted dozens of brand lift studies that help its clients to measure the impact of their product placements on brand awareness, consideration or purchase intention.

“Measuring the impact of product placement has always been more difficult and nuanced than reporting ROI for a traditional 30-second commercial, ”said Erin Schmidt, Product Placement Manager at BEN. “Our goal for our partnership with 605 has been to prove that accessing content through product placement isn’t just a creative way to reach audiences that go offline during commercial breaks or skip ads entirely – that’s is the most efficient way. The results we’ve seen so far have been an incredible testament to the power of brand integrations.

In the future, BEN and 605 will continue to expand their partnership with new customers and measurement capabilities.

About the BEN group

BEN Group Inc. is an entertainment AI company that integrates brands into influencer, streaming, TV, music and movie content with guaranteed ROI. BEN Group is the world’s largest influencer marketing company; the world’s largest product placement agency; TubeBuddy, the largest platform to help YouTube creators optimize their audiences and channel growth; and Greenlight, a global rights and licensing company.

With its proprietary AI and platform, BEN Group is the first and only company to use machine learning and deep learning neural networks to identify high impact opportunities for genuine, non-genuine product placement. disruptive and influencer marketing. BEN Group combines its AI with over 40 years of experience and a team of industry experts to connect brands with the right audiences and content opportunities in meaningful ways. BEN Group works with the biggest global brands including Microsoft, General Motors, Unilever, Tencent and General Mills.

About 605

605 is an independent TV measurement and analytics company offering solutions for advertising and content measurement, full funnel attribution, media planning, optimization and analytics in addition to our set deterministic TV audience data covering more than 22 million households in more than 200 US markets. The 605 Multi-Source Audience Dataset provides whole-home TV viewing visibility by combining the best attributes of set-top box and ACR data. 605 is unique in that its multi-source audience dataset supports 100% deterministic audience measurement at the household level while being reportable second by second with proprietary projection methodologies, all within the respect for confidentiality.

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