Black Button Distilling announces vintage whiskey cask auction online

Rochester, New York – Black Button Distilling, in cooperation with Blackbird Auctions, announced the first online auction of barrels of rare and aged whiskey. This unique digital-only whiskey swap will be available to licensed distillers in the United States and Canada.

More than 250 barrels will be auctioned on Wednesday, August 4, 2021, starting at 11 a.m.ET through the Blackbird Auction website. Made in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, the casks have been aged for up to 20 years and are made from cask raw Canadian rye and blended Canadian whiskey.

“I’m excited to bring these barrels to craft distillers as a new way to source whiskey,” said Jason Barrett, president and founder of Black Button Distilling, a thriving agricultural grain-by-glass distillery in Rochester. “Our plan is to hold auctions twice a year to connect buyers to sellers, thus promoting a freer flow of surplus product sharing to places where it will be useful. We are proud to be in a unique position to help our fellow artisanal distillers grow their businesses, while Black Button continues to grow as well. Barrett sees the new auction round as a step towards transparency and industry camaraderie, needs that are particularly relevant in the wake of a year that has proven to be difficult for many artisanal distillers across the country.

Black Button Distilling specializes in small batch whiskey products, including their bestselling Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a product that was the catalyst that inspired founder Jason Barrett to open his own distillery. In addition to bourbon and whiskey, Black Button produces vodka and several varieties of gin, such as Lilac Gin and Citrus Forward Gin. Black Button Distilling is deeply committed to fostering community within the spirits industry, whether in New York State or beyond. Having recently co-founded a new craft spirits organization, the US Gin Association, along with seven other distilleries, Black Button Distilling is proud to be part of a number of initiatives that connect like-minded distillers across the board. national for the improvement of the industry.

Licensed distillers wishing to bid on whiskey casks at auction should visit Distillers looking to place barrels for future auctions should visit For more information on Black Button Distilling, please visit

About black button distillation

Founded by owner and chief distiller Jason Barrett in 2012 at just 24 years old, Black Button Distilling is Rochester’s first artisanal distillery to open since Prohibition. As an agricultural distillery in New York State, Black Button Distilling is deeply committed to making high quality, small batch alcohols with ingredients grown and produced in New York State. Over 90% of the ingredients are grown or produced in New York State, as Black Button Distilling is dedicated to supporting New York State agriculture and the responsible stewardship of our natural environment. In 2018, Black Button proudly opened their own farm and forestry, where they grow juniper for gin, white oak to make their own bourbon casks and fresh herbs and spices, as well as organic honey for their cocktails. Starting in 2020, Black Button expanded its national presence by offering its award-winning spirits for purchase online.

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