Country meets pop as couple Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani with Mickey Guyton take over Bud Light Music Fest Night Two

Gigs! People!shouts the rising country star enthusiastically mickey guyton after the performance of its opening song – “Remember Her Name”. “Wow, we’re at gigs – feels good, doesn’t it?

The real excitement of being back in a packed arena was clear from the second she took the stage – and shared with the audience who greeted the singer ahead of the evening’s co-headliners. “I’m so ready to see Blake and Gwen but you have to put up with me for five more songs!Guyton joked before going into “Different.”

Friendly and lovely, she commanded the scene and did it so well that I heard a guy behind me say, “wow i love this girl.”

This new fan’s feelings will likely be shared with the rest of the country as the Arena – with a capacity of 20,000 – wasn’t even going to be Guytonthe biggest stage of the weekend with her scheduled to perform the national anthem at the superbowl tomorrow.

With that in mind, she ended with her patriotic anthem, “All American.”

Before rushing off stage, she shouts “Thanks for having me here tonight! I am Mickey – like the mouse – and Guy who weighs a ton.”

The lights came back on and you could tell the arena was ready for Gwen Stefani in what would be considered a local show.

Teasing the audience with a few distinct notes from her hit – “Sweet Escape,” the lights went out and the crowd roared as the singer took the stage to perform the single – “I said clap your fucking hands!

As an industry veteran, she instantly mesmerized the venue with style and a level of freshness that felt effortless. The hits kept coming as she flashed back to her days in Without a doubt with “My Life” followed by her solo “Rich Girl”.

His self-awareness was also on display -“Over the years I’ve shared my story and some of those songs suck. In fact, it hurts my heart to perform some of these songs… but I make these songs for you.” “Ex-Girlfriend” followed and if anyone in the audience thought the song sucked, that didn’t stop them from singing along.

There wasn’t a song played that the arena didn’t sing as it cycled through a range of songs like “Don’t Speak”, “Cool” and “Just A Girl”.

I don’t think you’re ready for this one“, while “Hollaback Girl” closed the set. Shit was bananas.

The pop moment – ​​complete with costume changes and backup dancers – would seem out of place between two country artists on paper, but in practice it worked and gave her husband Blake Shelton a high bar to follow – and of which he was aware.

The main difference between my set and Gwenit is“, Shelton reveals halfway through her performance, “it’s that you were all singing together – and don’t tell me you weren’t because I was in the crowd!

However, he had nothing to worry about as there was no shortage of vocals for his set either. “Neon Light”, “Honey Bee“, “God’s Country”, “Austin”, “Boys Round Here” and a cover of Michel Buble“Home” by worked its way for a little over an hour on stage.

The pair had played together many times, but this was the first time they co-lead. So it came as a known surprise that Gwen came back to help Shelton with their two collaborations – “Happy Anywhere” and “Nobody But You” near the start of his set.

Normally when we have a show where Gwen comes out sound normally at the end and that’s a big deal. But she wants to start drinking tequila so we do it early!Shelton tell the crowd.

He finished with “Boys Round Here” and “God Gave Me You” as night two of the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Festival has ended.

Night three wraps with Miley Cyrus and green day. Tickets and information can be found HERE.

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