Maui Bee Tour is buzzing again in a new location in Lahaina

The Maui Bee Tour opened in 2019 in Hali’imile, but was forced to close months later due to the global pandemic. During the closure, the beehives were moved to create a new beekeeping farm in Lahaina.

On Monday, November 29, bee tours return to the new location at 700 Punakea Loop above the Lahaina Stables. Tours take place three times a day, Monday through Friday, at 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

“We used the time we were closed to move our hives to a better location for our bees, plant native plants that attract pollinators and create a really great experience for our guests,” said Eldon Dorsett, beekeeper and co-owner of the Maui. Bee Tour and Lahaina Honey Co.

Dorsett got into beekeeping several years ago when he found an abandoned bee hive in the woods next to his property in Olowalu.

“The hive had been overturned by an excavator and the bees were going crazy,” Dorsett said. “The hive had separated so that the comb was visible and thousands of bees were pouring out. I put on a makeshift bee costume (not a bee costume at all) and went to help the bees. After being stung relentlessly I got the beehive off a pallet and everything was fine again except there was a problem I was hooked.


Dorsett started reading every book he could find on beekeeping. He visited beekeepers, took lessons and scoured the Internet for information.


“I was obsessed,” Dorsett said. “I started saving / removing beehives from homes and businesses and used these beehives to build my apiary. Then I started placing beehives on the farms for pollination / honey production. Finally, I wanted to share what I had learned about the beautiful and complex world of the bee.

The bees’ new permanent location at Launiupoko in West Maui also offers incredible views.

“Come see me for the Maui Bee Tour and I’ll talk to you,” Dorsett said.


Tours can be booked online at or by calling 808-793-4660. Kamaʻāina can save 20% by using KAMRATE as a promo code at checkout. Honey can be purchased locally or online at

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