New mobile coffee vendors keep Columbus on the move

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced some cafes to close temporarily (and others permanently), some in the coffee industry saw an opportunity: to go outside. In recent months, Columbus has seen several mobile coffee vendors on the streets, with businesses such as Park Service Coffee and Honey Cup Coffee Co. opting to roast beans on the go rather than at a traditional brick and brick store. mortar.

Alexis Garside, co-owner of Park Service Coffee with her husband Cole, cites greater ease in running their business as the reason they have gone mobile.

“When we went to the Seattle area last year, there were a ton of coffee shacks and coffee trailers,” Alexis says, reflecting on the inspiration behind Park Service. “That was part of the reason we wanted to try something mobile; and given the money it takes to start a physical business, something mobile was definitely more achievable for us. ”

Cole and Alexis are the only employees of Park Service, and not having to hire additional employees or manage a dining room makes the whole operation much safer compared to operating an entire cafe. , they say.

Throughout the pandemic, Cole and Alexis rarely left their home other than to work (Cole worked temporarily in Brioso as they prepared to launch Park Service), but made it a point to have coffee in a local place every weekend to get out of the house.

“I think that was a great motivation to go mobile, just to make sure people can still have that experience,” Cole said. “It’s not like the normal coffee experience, but we hope that when people see it, they will still be excited and feel like they are getting more than just a cup of coffee, but some kind of coffee. ‘cool experience too. ”

You can visit Park Service Coffee Co. at its current location, City Dog Daycare (395 Mound St.), during the first week of July. More information, including future times and updated menus, can be found at@parkservicecoffee.

“We’ve received a ton of support and it looks like a lot of people are excited to see us and come and taste our coffee,” Cole said. “And we see people coming back, so I think that’s always a good thing.”

At least two other mobile cafes have recently started serving in the city.

Rising Sun Coffee Co., another mobile coffee vendor that operates from a truck and opened this spring, serves beers from Mission Coffee Co. The truck includes a full espresso bar, cold brew to the pressure and even freshly baked pastries. To keep customers informed of their whereabouts, they post regular schedules in advance on their Instagram,@risingsuncoffeetruck.

Honey Cup Coffee Co., owned by Joel McPeak, is another local option featuring beans sourced from Brioso, homemade syrup, and a variety of unique drinks such as his Mango Yerba Mate. The cafe is set up in a motorhome that opened in early May at the corner of Summit and Hudson streets in SoHud.

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