Pollen + Grace Updates Its Line And Packaging In A ‘Conscious’ Overhaul | New

The on-the-go vegan food brand Pollen + Grace was relaunched this month to capitalize on the more conscious eating habits brought on by the pandemic.

The relaunch includes an NPD panoply, more generous portions and an increased focus on locally sourced ingredients, he said.

New variations include its Mezze Houmous + Rainbow Slaw Veg Box (rsp: £ 3.50 / 300g), which contains 16g of vegetable protein, and its Tropical Mango Granola + Chia Pot (rsp: £ 2.30 / 175 g), which is rich in omega-. 3, said Pollen + Grace.

They have integrated Tesco, Ocado, Co-op and Amazon Fresh and some WH Smith stores.

Its packaging has also been updated to include 70% recycled plastic trays.

The updated takeout line would meet growing consumer demand for vegan alternatives to the sandwich, he said.

Its plant-based salads, ready-made meals and revamped breakfast pots would also harness an “increased environmental awakening and post-pandemic wellness demand” among consumers, he said.

Pollen + Grace founder Stephanie Johnson said the line would appeal to non-vegans and those looking for plant-based alternatives to tackle climate change.

She added: “With 92% of sales coming from non-vegans, we are aiming for value for money to earn more. “

The relaunch will be supported by targeted social media advertising, an influencer campaign and in-store activations.

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