Producers, researchers and industry are working together on difficult questions – this is the “Bee Knees”

RDAR funding already supports University of Lethbridge research on queen and colony health

Alberta Beekeepers Commission Executive Director Connie Phillips agrees having access to the right advice is essential to ensure Alberta continues to lead the country in honey production and seed pollination of hybrid canola and blueberries.

“Connecting experts to producers through AGvisorPRO has the potential to accelerate understanding and collaboration through the dissemination and sharing of knowledge among key players in the food chain to create positive impacts on bees in Alberta. and improve their health. “

AGvisorPRO, founded by agricultural entrepreneur Robert Saik, allows curious minds to connect with experts in real time via voice, chat or video on their smartphones.

“AGvisorPRO is an Alberta-born technology company that strives to solve a global agricultural problem – getting farmers access to the right advice from the right, trusted experts at the right time. By leveraging technology, we can put experts in the field without having to be physically present on the farm. I’m excited for the opportunity to help growers, including beekeepers, by working with people like the RDAR and the Alberta Beekeepers Commission to solve the challenges farmers face on the ground.

An important element of the collaboration is that the research priorities of the RDAR are determined by the producers and not by the researchers. It all depends on what the grower needs to maintain profitability and sustainability.

RDAR CEO Dr Mark Redmond notes that drought and heat stress issues have affected so many food producers in Alberta, including beekeepers, making this kind of help crucial.

“Led by the grower every step of the way, and in response to the challenges of drought and heat stress this year, RDAR has developed Fast Call, our newest responsive finance initiative. Fast Call-funded projects will put the necessary knowledge and extension into the hands of producers faster than ever before. “

You can read more about this new technology program and other RDAR research projects at

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