Save A Lots in Memphis Bought by Nashville Developer Jason Word

Nashville real estate developer Jason Word has purchased all five Memphis Save A Lot locations and plans to modernize the stores and expand their product offering.

In the short term, Word said Memphis Save A Lot shoppers can expect stores to be cleaner and revamped for an easier shopping experience. In the long term, Word has said stores will be remodeled and that he hopes to incorporate the classics of the Save A Lot brand – even as a honey mustard man, he thinks Save A Lot Ranch dressing is the way to go. best ever – with other brands.

“We will continue to have them, at favorable prices, but we will be able to offer other, even healthier options,” he said. “Healthy options and other things to give people the opportunity to broaden their food horizons.”

Word’s company, J. Word Properties, announced this week the purchase of the five Memphis sites. He bought the locations from Save A Lot.

Word now has 11 Save A Lot stores in total, five in Memphis, four in Nashville and two in Oklahoma.

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Jason Word, a North Nashville native and real estate investor who has purchased multiple Save A Lot grocery stores in Middle Tennessee poses for a portrait at one of his Vanderbilt University Medical Center stores on Friday, October 8, 2021 in Nashville, Tenn.  Word wants to improve access to food in underserved neighborhoods.

For Word, providing quality, affordable food is not just a business proposition. Her grandmother ran her own grocery store in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood of Nashville. Tackling food deserts is a passion project for him, and Memphis seemed like a natural extension of what he did in Nashville.

“This is something we want to address, making quality food accessible to people who are not as rich, who may not have a car of any kind… the mother who has to get on the bus to get on. bring her kids to the store and lug her back, ”he said.

Word said it wanted to be able to provide quality and varied food options to residents of less affluent neighborhoods so that they could find good food in the store that was easiest to access, and not just accept. what is most accessible.

“Everyone has to buy food”

Word grew up in North Nashville and still lives in Nashville, but has family and friends in Memphis, was about to attend what was then Memphis State University and has a great love for Bluff City. he declares. He plans to be in Memphis every week to check his stores.

Shoppers visit the Save-A-Lot grocery store at the Binghampton Gateway Center, an addition that arrived last year in an area that was previously considered a food desert.

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Previously, he had purchased all four Save A Lot locations in Nashville, including one near which he grew up, and worked to modernize them and expand offerings while keeping prices low, especially in neighborhoods that know gentrification and see some low-income residents evicted.

As someone who grew up in less affluent circumstances, Word said he understood the need for affordable, quality groceries for poorer families. As a successful businessman, he also understands what people with more discretionary funds might want from a grocery store.

He hopes his Save A Lot stores can balance these two things, primarily providing affordable, quality food to the neighborhoods in which they reside, but also reaching out to the community at large. In a way, food is an equalizer, Word said.

“Everyone has to buy food,” he said. “Everyone goes to the grocery store.

Word said he was thrifty at heart and appreciated high-quality products at low prices, which initially drew him to the Save A Lot brand.

A customer walks the aisles of the Save-A-Lot grocery store at the Binghampton Gateway Center, an addition that arrived last year in an area that was previously considered a food desert.

“This is the feeling we want to have in our stores, where everyone feels at home, and everyone is at home,” he said. “Everyone should be able to find something, no matter what their situation in life, our store is a place where you can find something, and find it at a great price.”

Every store in Memphis will, over time, be tailored to the community it serves, like its stores in Nashville, whether the community is predominantly Latino, Black, family, youth, or a mix of racial and economic stratifications. Word said stores will determine which products or brands need to be added not only by listening to customers, but by employing people from the neighborhoods in which the stores are located.

“Wherever this store is located, it meets the needs of this community,” he said. “I think that’s what really drove this success that we’ve had. I expect to keep moving forward and doing it here in Memphis.”

A Save A Lot official said that when Word bought the stores, it retained all staff and management and promoted in-house, rather than in a clearinghouse. It was rumored that this was part of the culture he wanted to develop in his stores.

Shoppers visit the Save-A-Lot grocery store at the Binghampton Gateway Center, an addition that arrived last year in an area that was previously considered a food desert.

Ultimately, Word said he and his staff aim to bring quality, affordable food to people, in a place that is convenient for them.

“I encourage people to come. If you haven’t been in a while, come back and see us. If you’ve never been, you definitely want to come see us because it’s not the Save A program. Lot of your grandmother, “he said. “We’re going to move the needle, and we’re going to do it quickly.”

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In one look

Here are the addresses of the Memphis Save A Lot locations that Jason Word has purchased.

  • 3240 Jackson Avenue
  • 4679 Knight Arnold Road
  • 3465 Austin Peay Road
  • 4696 SUS 61 highway
  • 3941 avenue du Parc
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