TAWA patrols to hunt invading jumbos begin today

It was revealed here over the weekend by Natural Resources and Tourism Deputy Minister Mary Masanja during her official visit to listen to people’s complaints.

“I have asked the TWAWA guardians to ensure that they set up camps in these villages from today and to carry out patrols to hunt the elephants to their reserves,” she said. to the villagers at a public meeting.

She said the patrols should solve the problem of elephant invasion of human settlements.

“The camps set up in these areas must be permanent to allow the villagers to live in peace,” she added.

She said she asked the Nachingwea District Commissioner and residents to work together to complete the exercise.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister urged residents to start beekeeping activities to combat the elephant invasion.

“I ask the ministry instructors to come and educate you on the different ways of hunting elephants, you should agree that elephants cannot coexist with bees,” she explained.

She added that beekeeping will also promote their cashew harvest for increased production.

For his part, Ngulichile city councilor Said Mwakayola said people feared going to their farms or wells because of the elephants.

“The patrols to hunt the elephants should start as soon as possible because people are afraid to go and take care of their farms,” ​​he said and pledged that the villagers were ready to offer their cooperation to the game wardens to fight the beasts.

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