The Coopersville family, a church to host an artificial Christmas tree farm

COOPERSVILLE, Michigan – For the second year in a row, Duane Young’s vision of creating an artificial tree farm for families with special needs is becoming a reality.

Young said his daughter had inspired him after realizing they couldn’t have a real Christmas tree anymore.

“Our kids had asthma-like breathing problems, and we just couldn’t have the real tree,” Young explained. “And we hadn’t realized how moving it would be to stop a tradition of getting a real tree.”

After the family left in search of the perfect artificial tree, they also stumbled upon the perfect way to help others in her stead.

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“My daughter said, ‘Daddy, we have to do this for others, we have to keep doing this.’ There are so many other kids that you know want to have a real tree, or have the experience of having a real tree but can’t have it. And she said, “We can turn into something. bigger and special for everyone. ‘And, and it worked. It worked. “

Last year, the Youngs hosted an artificial tree farm in their home, donating 80 trees to families in need.

This year, they partnered with the Coopersville United Methodist Church to make the event bigger and better.

“I think this idea is great, really. And I think it’s going to address a need that hasn’t really been addressed in a very long time. So I hope a lot of families can really be blessed with this creative event. “Said Pastor Cory Conran.” We have had reservations from families with autistic children so they cannot handle a lot of lights and sounds. We have children who are not mobile, who are in wheelchairs or things like that, that wouldn’t work well on a tree farm. Respiratory issues, asthma, things like that, that they can’t handle tree pollen. “

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Conran said at least 80 trees will be available at the church during the event on Saturday, December 4.

Christmas decorations, lights and goodies will also be distributed.

“Families are going to be able to come and set up a time slot from 8 am to 3 pm, where they can come and have an experience tailored to their needs,” said Conran. “[It’s] it’s going to be a great time to create those kinds of memories for these wonderful families. “

Young, who is a huge fan of the holidays, hopes to make the season bright for as many people as possible.

“I love Christmas, the joy and the spirit of it all. The happiness that it brings, you know. This time of year, it just brings out a different feeling,” he said. “I just want to make sure that if we can help, you know, spread that excitement and that joy and to everyone.”

The church is still on the lookout for donations of brand new Christmas tree decorations and lights for the event, along with a few other volunteers.

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