The Honey Bee Club NFT project is here to save the bees!

New York, NY, November 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Honey Bee Club opens a new path for NFT projects! Their mission is to help the preservation of bees on our planet through their NFT collection which launches its public sale on December 18, 2021. They are building a community that actively helps in the preservation of bees on planet Earth.

So, you are wondering what the Honey Bee Club is? Well, HBC is a beehive of 10,000 bees on a mission to save their species from extinction.

In 2043, the last bee colony in the universe was brought before humans and other beings by the legendary bees. The legendary bees enlist the help of humans to provide a home and shelter for the bees of the last bee colony as they develop and execute a plan to save their species from extinction. It remains to be seen how they plan to do it …

The adoption rate of NFTs is unlike anything we’ve seen before. NFT sales on average tend to be between $ 10 million and $ 20 million per week, according to data shared by However, there were some crazy weeks in 2021 where weekly sales totaled over $ 170 million.

The Honey Bee Club has partnered up with and and will donate 5% of all sales profits from the strike to their cause helping bees on this planet.

Legendary Bees are 10 bees who have formed an alliance with the mission to save their species. Once the honey bees are revealed, the keepers of these legendary bees will be rewarded with 5 Tesla Model 3 and 5 times $ 5,000 in ETH for their sacrifice and diligence.

5 owners of these legendary bees will be rewarded with $ 5,000 in Ethereum. The other 5 will be rewarded with a Tesla Model 3, or the equivalent of $ 55,000 worth of Ethereum. Buyers of their NFTs have a pretty good chance of winning a Tesla Model 3 or $ 5,000 in Ethereum once the NFTs are revealed.

3 weeks after the exhaustion of the project, the Honey Bee Club team will launch its 2nd NFT collection, called Queen Bee Club. Holders of 3 or more bees will receive a burnable token deposited into their crypto wallet. They will be able to burn this token in exchange for 1 free Queen Bee NFT from their 2nd collection. The rest of the queen bees from their 2nd collection will then be sold to the public. With their 2nd collection, they will donate 20% of gross revenue from the mint to and and to their cause by helping to preserve bees on planet Earth.

Once the Queen Bee Club is depleted, in the first quarter of 2022 they will deploy their own token, the Larvae Bee coin. Holders of 1 Honey Bee NFT and 1 Queen Bee NFT will earn 1 Larvae Bee Coin per day. Holders of 2 NFTs from each collection will earn 2 coins per day and so on.

NFTs are no longer a thing of the past, but a thing of the present and especially of the future. NFTs are growing in popularity and making headlines in the mainstream media. NFTs are unique crypto tokens that exist on the blockchain and cannot be replicated. NFTs can be used to represent real world items such as works of art and real estate. Tokenizing these real tangible assets allows them to be bought, sold and traded more efficiently while reducing the likelihood of fraud.

The Honey Bee Club Roadmap opens a new path for NFT projects by showing the NFT community how investors and, in their case, the mission of preserving bees can thrive together. There are limitless opportunities that will arise from paving the Honey Bee Club a new way to launch NFT projects. They believe there is always room to include partnerships where the world at large benefits as well as project investors.

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