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Greetings and greetings.

My main subject, the lady in the white suit, entrusted me with writing this week’s column. She told me that would be all the buzz.

You see, someone like me who is absolute royalty has a lot to say since our kingdom was recently moved.

A few days ago I was going about my business running my hive with all my female minions nestled on a tree branch somewhere in downtown Seymour. My loyal workers took care of my children, prepared food for us, cleaned, etc. when suddenly everyone started to withdraw. Fresh smoke began to creep gently into the crevices of the honeycomb, and I and everyone else ran for cover.

Before too long, we were removed from our penthouse abode in the hollow of an crabapple tree and gently nestled in a wooden box that smelled wonderfully of lemongrass oil and pine. It was dark, warm and safe.

My workers protested a little when I started to settle down that first night, several of them retreated to where the beehive was in the tree, but it didn’t take long for them to realizing that there was delicious food in the shape of a pollen cake that had been placed between the shelf and that all of their sisters (hatched and unhatched) were in the black box.

I’m pretty influential, and it wasn’t more than 24 hours before everyone was counted and we got back to our usual business of collecting pollen, rearing the young and general hive maintenance.

Shortly after, I learned that the front of the box had been sealed and I felt the whole comb move. We huddled together waiting for what was going to happen next.

There were jerks and shakes, but very quickly the activity calmed down and then everything calmed down. The main entrance to the beehive was reopened and I got a message that the place we had been relocated to was a bee’s dream: lots of wildflowers and fodder as far as a bee could fly .

Winter is fast approaching and I know we have to work very hard to produce as much honey as possible before this time. I don’t know what we did to deserve such a wonderful place, but I think as long as the lady in the white suit comes back every now and then and doesn’t bother us too much, we should survive the freezing cold without much problem.

Till next time…

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