There is a lone drone in this hive. How fast can you spot it? | Tendency

Beekeeper Erika Thompson shared the post about the drone on her company’s official Instagram page.

A post shared on the Texas Beeworks Instagram page, managed by beekeeper Erika Thompson, created a buzz among people. Sharing invites internet users to participate in a fun game and spot the lone male bee in a beehive.

Shared with a descriptive caption and three clues, the post is certainly interesting. The post is complete with two videos of the same scene. One of these videos shows the answer.

“Test your beekeeping skills! Can you find the only male bumblebee in this hive? Male bees are called “drones” and it is at this time of year that they are all kicked out of the hive by worker bees. As winter approaches and there is less food available for the bees, the worker bees chase the bumblebees out of the hive, so there are fewer mouths to feed, ”Thompson wrote.

Take a look at the share to find out how quickly you can spot the bee. Also, don’t forget to help yourself with clues.


The post was shared about five days ago. Since its publication, it has accumulated nearly 15,000 likes. While many have tried to respond, some have also expressed admiration for Thompson’s work.

“I’m so proud! I spotted it! Wrote one Instagram user.“ This one took me a long time! ”Commented another.“ Love it when you do that !! ”shared one third.

What do you think of the action?

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