Watch out for hay fever sufferers as ‘pollen bomb’ prepares to strike Cheshire

Summer is the best time for many – with warmer climates, that means barbecues, beaches, and longer nights.

However, for many people with hay fever it is a nightmare, with people reporting particularly severe symptoms this year.

Grass pollen is in its peak season and some parts of the country are experiencing very high levels.

The Met Office has released a daily pollen forecast for the entire country and its most recent map shows levels will stay fairly high throughout the week.

In Cheshire, pollen levels today (June 18) and Saturday June 19 will be “very high”.

On Sunday, June 20, they will drop to “average” levels, according to the Met Office.

The main symptoms of hay fever include sneezing and coughing, a runny or stuffy nose, itchy eyes or throat, and loss of smell.

Hay fever is particularly serious for many at the moment, as the UK has experienced predominantly humid weather in recent months, which has resulted in a decrease in the concentration of pollen in the air.

But now that temperatures have risen amid the nation’s heatwave, hay fever sufferers are seeing their symptoms worsen.

This happens because warm temperatures, largely between 18C and 28C, cause more pollen to be released into the air.

The Met Office said, “Grass pollen now in peak season. Medium risk fungal spores. Lots of weed pollen, mainly nettle.”

The forecast for Cheshire is sunny intervals becoming overcast around lunchtime with high temperatures reaching 20 ° C on Saturday and 15 ° C on Sunday.

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